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Project Description
Simple issue-tracker tool, very easy to use (not yet ruined by too many features).

The basic view is list of my tasks (unassigned or assigned to me), organised into groups of high/medium/low priority.

Any user can administer users, categories and tasks, upload files, and trigger emails when assigning tasks.
The simple (uncontrolled) list of workflow steps can be modified directly in the database if necessary - currently orientated towards software development.

Implemented as a Asp.Net 1.1 Web Application using custom ORM solution - very simple codebase & easy to modify.

Build Instructions
1. Right-click to bring up properties on the web application folder (Workflow) in windows explorer, and use the web-sharing tab to enable a web-share.
Use the default settings i.e. call it "Workflow" under the default webserver (localhost).
2. Ensure that the "Everyone" user has full access
3. Use the Asp.Net tab in the IIS properties for the "Workflow" application to ensure that it is configured to use framework v2.0 or higher
4. Open the solution in Visual Studio 2008 and build

1. Check the smtp server setting in the web.config.
2. Verify that the /uploads folder has write permissions configured (and set to no-script)
3. If necessary, adjust the connection string defined in the web.config folder e.g. if you wanted to port the database to sqlserver

Note that the ORM used is also open source, and can be found at jeremydotnet.

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